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Please don’t ever think Hispanic people are not a minority and don’t need to be protected from racism and the way they’re represented in media

We are not cleaning ladies, we are not alcoholics, we do not mow your lawn, we are not exotic sexy mysteries for your white ass to unlock the secrets of

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why is it that when PoC say that they are uncomfortable w/ white people (mostly because of personal experiences), white people attack them? then try to justify their hostility at the end of their spiel w/ some corny bullshit like “i’m not racist, i eat at taco bell”????

Preach it

Taco Bell. Psh. The first time I ate Taco Bell I told my mexican friends and they were all like: mmm, no mija, let me get you real mexican food and exorcize that garbage out of you

Taco Bell= insult to mexican cuisine. 

"No one can carry my skin the way I do"

- When I start thinking bad about myself, I need to keep this in mind. (via peruvian—goddess)

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